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Give the most exceptionnal gift to your loved ones by offering them a unique experience at the Castel Clara. Luxury stays, gastronomic discoveries, or customized treatments at the thalasso and the spa, all you need to do is choose.


Thalasso & Spa treatments

€90,00 incl. VAT

Thalion custom treatment

Customization according to skin type: Absolute Hydration, Extreme Purity or Marine Sensi-pro. For men: Oxygen Booster or Pureté Détox... Need hydration, softness or purity? After a professional diagnosis of your skin, the therapist ...

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€72,00 incl. VAT

Affusion modelling

A slow, deep, gliding massage combined with a fine shower of warm seawater to create an astonishing feeling of fullness. The ultimate anti-stress treatment! Your package for one person includes : - 1 modelling of 25 mn under affusion of warm sea ...

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€90,00 incl. VAT

Istreen Softness Care

A gentle exfoliation of the body based on marine crystals & oyster shells to bring many trace elements to the skin. Remineralizing treatment. Your box for one person includes :- 1 marine crystals & oyster shells scrub- 1 enveloping face and ...

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€150,00 incl. VAT

"Belle-Ile-en-Mer Marie-Galante" journey

An invitation to travel through this sublime care... Your box for one person, includes :- 1 scrub with flower petal oils- 1 hydrating wax wrap with citrus fruits- 1 modeling with shea butter- Free access during your half day of treatments to an ...

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€135,00 incl. VAT

Half a day radiant boost

The essentials of our thalassotherapy institute...let yourself be spoiled by our attentive and professional team. Your box for one person includes :- 1 seaweed wrap- 1 relaxing bath- 1 "Gentle Istreen" treatment or 1 ayurvedic modelling- Free access...

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€320,00 incl. VAT

Beauty Day

It is said that beauty is a promise of happiness. Conversely, the possibility of pleasure can be a beginning of beauty (Marcel Proust) Your box for one person, includes :- 1 body scrub- 1 seaweed wrap- 1 body modelling- 1 facial treatment customized...

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€450,00 incl. VAT

Mini-cure of Fitness

To recharge your batteries, to take a break, to let yourself go to a new rhythm, the cure modifies your biological clock and gives you a beneficial breath. Your package for one person includes :- 3 half-days of thalassotherapy (each including 3 ...

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€140,00 incl. VAT

Duo Welness Package

For a complete getaway for two, try the duo relaxation massage and share a moment of harmony. Your package for 2 people includes :- 1 relaxation massage of 25 minutes in duo (side by side)- Free access during your half day of treatments to an indoor...

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€212,00 incl. VAT

"Care & Delight" box

To combine the pleasures of the senses and relaxation in front of an exceptional panorama. Your package for 2 people includes :• A lunch at Café Clara (our chic bistro specialized in fish and seafood).• 2 hydrotherapy treatments in ...

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